About us

Hey there!  Thanks so much for visiting Cheers To Ewe!  Here's a little bit about our little company: 

HOW WE CAME TO BE:  Cheers To Ewe! started as a conversation.  You know - one of those "gosh, I wish there was a shop that was kind of like this..." chats.  From there, our business was born.

OUR MISSION:  We are in business to support our customers in celebrating their individuality and creativity. We sell yarn because we love it just as much as you do.  We love to squish, knit, and crochet yarn of all sorts.  We love the nearly infinite array of hooks, needles, and notions that go with the yarn - and we love working on all sorts of patterns and projects.  In short, we are passionate about this industry and the people in it.

OUR VALUES:  We value people, processes, and products...in that order.  We are in business to share our passion for creative, fiber-based expression with YOU!  We genuinely believe knitting and crocheting are good for you - and we also believe they can be good for the communities in which we all live!  

People - Our top priority is caring for our employees and customers.  People are at the core of our passion for business.  We welcome feedback and seek to engage in ongoing, positive, dynamic relationships with all of the people involved in our business.  We love community and nurture community connections.

Process - We focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of our business processes.  We actively work to make selling as enjoyable, easy, and refreshing for our employees, and buying as enjoyable, easy and refreshing for our customers as possible.

Products - We LOVE yarn!  In fact, we love all of the things that go with yarn - and so do our customers.  We work tirelessly to curate a collection of products offering our customers fun, unique, and unexpected products and experiences to give their knitting and crochet that extra zip that makes them smile.

OUR PRINCIPLES:   We operate on the principles of deep, inclusive civility, productive communication and expression, radically empathetic regard for others, and caring for and contributing to community.  As such, we maintain our shop as a safe space for people who differ in a wide range of ways. 

Deep, Inclusive Civility - We operate on the belief that being different is good, and that clear, productive communication about differences is fundamental to our individual and collective health.  We strive to maintain a healthy environment in our shop, and encourage positive exchanges.

Free and Productive Communication and Expression - We believe communication and creative expression not only offer us all outlets, but also opportunities to learn and grow.  We also recognize that with great freedom comes great responsibility.  

Radically Empathetic Regard for Others  - We work to be empathetic to all of our Cheers To Ewe family members whether they work with us or are customers, service people, delivery people, or any of the other myriad individuals we have the good fortune of working with and encountering throughout each day.  We work to remember that everyone we encounter is moving through the world with their own set of experiences, and their own set of lenses, and seek to be helpful, understanding, and kind. 

Caring for and Contributing to Community - We believe in the power of community members to lift each other up, and to better the health and vitality of a community as a whole.  We seek opportunities to help our community in various ways throughout the year and welcome the support of our Cheers To Ewe community in doing so.  We also believe our planet is part of our community - and we have worked hard, from the beginning, to make our store as earth-friendly as possible.  

WE LOVE TO CONNECT:  We love being part of the global yarn family!  We would love to connect with you through:

  • Send us an email:  info@cheerstoewe.com
  • Visit our shop:  9856 Gilead Road, Suite E105, Huntersville, NC 28078
  • PHONE:  704-706-9425
  • EMAIL:  info@cheerstoewe.com
AFFILIATIONS:  Cheers To Ewe! is proud to belong to the following organizations: