Thank you for your interest in classes at Cheers To Ewe Yarn Shop!  We offer a menu of classes geared toward a number of different levels of learners.  

WHAT IS A CLASS MENU?  Our class menu is a listing of classes we are prepared to teach at any time.  Have fun with friends learning something you really want to learn, and do it on a schedule that meets your needs!

HOW DOES THE CLASS MENU WORK?  It's simple, really!  Take a look at the class description, get one or two friends together, pick the class you'd like to take, and pay the total group class fee.  Each class shows a total group price and a maximum number of students. 

WHAT IF WE ONLY HAVE TWO PEOPLE FOR A THREE PERSON CLASS?  You and your friend can just split the total class price!  Or, if you'd prefer to find a third person, post on Cheers To Ewe Peeps on Facebook!  This is the group where people connect with one another, share ideas, AND - find other folks to take classes with!  

HOW DO WE SCHEDULE OUR CLASS?  Just pay the total group fee and then you can give us a call to schedule your sessions!  

WHAT IF I CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT A CLASS I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR?  Classes are NON-REFUNDABLE unless Cheers To Ewe chooses to cancel a class for any reason.