Hand Dyed Diva is the artisanal hand dyed yarn of Sheri Osborne and Ladianne Henderson.  Partners in business and life, Sheri and Ladianne have put their collective creativity and business experience into the creation of a line of hand dyed yarn sold exclusively through Cheers To Ewe Yarn Shop in Huntersville, NC. 

JOIN US FOR OUR HAND DYED DIVA LAUNCH at Cheers To Ewe Yarn Shop on Saturday, March 7, 2020!  We will celebrate the shop's third birthday with the debut of our hand dyed yarns! 

With a focus on hand-crafted colorways dyed in small batches, Hand Dyed Diva is for discerning knitters who appreciate the intersection of luxury craftsmanship and  FUN!

Sheri grew up in the farm country in the hills of western North Carolina.  When she wasn't helping her grandfather grade eggs from his hens, riding her bike through her hometown, or trying to outrun a bull in the pasture (true story), Sheri could be found trying to outdo the farmhands as they loaded bales of hay onto one of the farm trucks.   A college scholarship athlete, Sheri honed her determination and drive on the basketball court and softball field.  Years later, after earning a master's degree and teaching physical education, Sheri started her own landscaping business through which she developed a deep love of color.  

Sheri created beautiful flowerbeds, custom ponds and waterfalls, and curated container gardens for her customers, seeking to create harmony and interest through a balance of colors, textures, and materials.  She brings that natural brilliance, and her profound appreciation for efficient processes to her work as a dyer with Hand Dyed Diva.


Ladianne's passion for colorful fiber is rooted in her life in the arts.  A trained soprano who started her college career as a classical music major, Ladianne found the stage wasn't for her and ended up earning her undergraduate degree in Communications/Public Relations. Transitioning into the world of global consulting in the area of consumer products gave Ladianne an incredible view of the world through the lens of business.  Ladianne soon found her way back into the arts and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Arts, and focused on her work as a painter.  

Ladianne is a TKGA certified Master Hand Knitter who appreciates yarn dyeing as an art in itself, but also appreciates that yarn is ultimately meant to be used and loved knitters, crocheters, weavers, embroiderers, and more. She believes deeply in the power of handcrafted, hand-dyed yarn to ignite creativity, inspire, and delight.  

Together, Sheri and Ladianne are focused on bringing the best they have to offer to their work as hand dyers of gorgeous yarns!