Knitted Knockers

Cheers To Ewe! is an official part of the Knitted Knockers movement!  We're proud to have customers and Cheers To Ewe! staff members who make Knitted Knockers expressly for the purpose of giving them to women who have had mastectomies as a result of breast cancer.  In addition, in 2017, we're part of the Pink Lady Fire Truck Knitted Knocker Pick Up!  Read more:

Pink Lady Fire Truck to Pick Up Knitted Knockers!

We are excited to announce that Cheers To Ewe! is partnering with Charlotte Yarn, all of the other yarn shops in the Charlotte area, and the Pink Lady Fire Truck to raise awareness about breast and other cancers, and show our support for cancer patients!  Together, Charlotte Yarn and Cheers To Ewe! want to work with YOU to fill the Pink Lady Fire Truck with Knitted Knockers that will be delivered to Levine Cancer Institute!  Below are the approximate times for each of the Pink Lady's stops that day!
11:00 - Pink Lady to Pick Up Knitted Knockers at Cheers To Ewe!
12:00 - Pink Lady to Pick Up Knitted Knockers at Charlotte Yarn
12:45 - Pink Lady to Drop Off Knitted Knockers at Levine Cancer Institute
If you want to make some Knitted Knockers, pick up your yarn at Cheers To Ewe! or Charlotte Yarn and get started!  Free patterns for Knitted Knockers can be found here: DOWNLOAD KNITTED KNOCKER PATTERNS.  Knockers may be dropped off at either Cheers To Ewe! or Charlotte Yarn.

Come in to Cheers To Ewe! on Fridays starting May 26 to make Knockers with friends.  Knocker Knitting will happen from 2-4 every Friday starting May 26.  One of our Cheers To Ewe! customers will be helping folks learn the ropes when it comes to Knitted Knocker making.  This is an open time - no fee - just a time for you to come and do good - with others!

Cheers To Ewe! will be partnering with Hands On Charlotte for a Knocker Stuffing event before the Pink Lady comes to pick up our Knockers.  So...just drop off your UNSTUFFED knockers at Cheers To Ewe! and we'll do the rest!