ChiaooGoo TWIST SET with 4 Inch Tips-ChiaoGoo-Cheers To Ewe!

ChiaooGoo TWIST SET with 4 Inch Tips

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The same stainless steel needles and nylon cables that you know and love.  The great thing about this set is that you can make a 16 inch circular using tips and the 8 inch cables!

Set includes (13) 4" needle tips in sizes 2/2.75mm, 3/3.25mm, 4/3.55mm, 5/3.75mm, 6/4mm, 7/4.5mm, 8/5mm, 9/5.5mm, 10/6mm, 10.5/6.5mm, 11/8mm, 13/9mm and 15/10mm; (2) 8" small cables; (2) 8" large cables; knitter's guide; needle gauge; 2 large cable connectors; 2 small cable connectors; 2 large end stoppers; 2 small end stoppers; keys; and case.