Telling Your Color Story Class - Sept. 11, 2021-Cheers To Ewe!-Cheers To Ewe!

Telling Your Color Story Class - Sept. 11, 2021

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PLEASE NOTE: Classes are NON-REFUNDABLE unless cancelled by Cheers To Ewe! Discounts and/or sales are not applicable to class fees. Registered students receive 10% off any necessary materials not already included in prices of classes for which they are registered.


Figuring out which color combinations to use on projects can be difficult! How do you figure out what you like? And, even if you DO figure out what combination of colors you like for one project, how do you repeat that success on other projects? Telling Your Color Story instructor, Ladianne Henderson, brings her color work from her career as a visual artist to you in a form that is easy to understand and use! In this workshop, Ladianne, one of the owners of Cheers To Ewe Yarn Shop and Hand Dyed Diva Yarns, will help guide you through a process that is as powerful as it is simple. You’ll learn how to use an image – like a photograph, piece of artwork, page from a magazine – to help you understand your personal color story. Then you’ll learn the secret to recreating your color successes over and over again! Ladianne is a visual artist with a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, Plainfield, VT. She is also a TKGA certified Master Hand Knitter. Connect with Ladianne on Instagram: @thecuriousknitter

Prerequisites: None

Class Size Maximum: 8 students max.

Total Group Price: $25

Payment: Payment is due in full at time of sign up

Sessions/Duration: This is a one session class and is two hours long.

Instructor: Ladianne Henderson

Dates: 11 September, 2021, 10am-12pm

Materials - None


Please bring your notions bag to every class. Please DO NOT begin this project before class unless class homework has been included in the class description or is sent out by the teacher before class. Teachers often incorporate foundational techniques and lessons in the beginning stages of class, and you will not be able to take advantage of that learning if you jump ahead.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Classes are non-refundable unless cancelled by Cheers To Ewe! Yarn Shop.